21 Oct Roland Tings – ‘Hedonist’

I know I’m a few days late on this one, but unfortunately I’m not Goro from Mortal Kombat, I don’t have multiple arms. Speaking of multiples, this new Roland Tings track ‘Hedonist‘ has several ear-pleasuring layers. He already released the best electronic Australian album of the year back in February. In fact it’s one of the best electronic albums, period, on the planet this year (although it has to said, that it’s been a below average year for electronic albums, part as a result of over saturation and general fatigue).

Now at this point ‘Hedonist’ almost feels like his just messing with his competition. Like watching an NBA player do a windmill dunk, when he’s teams up 30 points in the last quarter. It’s still got that John Talabot type of Balearic beat, but with less grey overtones. What Roland Tings does particularly well, is that he never limits exactly what his project can be, yet every song is clearly Roland Tings. You also never feel like you have heard the best of what he’s capable of making, yet what he’s already doing right now is a class above his peers.

He’s playing at Paradise Music Festival next month outside of his home town Melbourne, but before then he’s doing a North American tour.

Tour dates:
22nd October – 1015 Folsom, San Francisco, USA
23rd October – The Belasco Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
24th October – Bang Bang, San Diego, USA
26th October – Union Transfer, Philadelphia, USA^
27th October – U Street, Washington, USA^
28th October – Brighton Music Hall, Boston, USA^
30th October – Theater Fairmont, Montreal, Canada^
31st October – The Hoxton, Toronto, Canada^

^ AlunaGeorge

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21 Oct Trading Tunes with Summer Flake

Stephanie Crase A.K.A. Summer Flake recently moved to Melbourne, but she’s a product of her home city of Adelaide. Last week she released an EP titled Time Rolls By and it contains four flawless originals and a Rolling Stones cover.

Her guitar tones and garage rock production remind me East Coast US garage bands such as Widowspeak and Dum Dum Girls, but there’s even similarities to Angel Olsen. However the Rolling Stones cover sounds like Courtney Barnett. Similarities or not to other artists, this Time Rolls By EP is simply full of well crafted tunes, with ‘Makes Me Wanna Cry‘ and ‘The Sun Won’t Shine‘ being my personal favourites.

1. The Blake Babies – ‘Rain’

“Let’s start at the start. I was ridiculously obsessed with Juliana Hatfield at school. Insanely obsessed. It’s simmered down in recent years, but it flares up now and then.”

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21 Oct Baro – ‘Let’s Drink Merlot and Talk About The World (Enterlude)’

“We could dance on a cloud, baby are you in, baby are you in?”, sings Baro on a new track he just uploaded for a girl. ‘Let’s Drink Merlot and Talk About The World (Enterlude)‘ is only 88 seconds long, but it’s the most alluring song that the young Melbourne rapper has dropped so far.

He says he doesn’t play keys that much and I’m not sure why, judging by how enjoyable his little dabble is here. His polite sincerity is extremely effective, and if this doesn’t impress that girl he’s talking about, I don’t think that they’re meant to be.

You can catch him at Boney in Melbourne on the 29th of October for only $10.

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21 Oct Trading Tunes with Crepes

Crepes came across our radar late last year with the single ‘Ain’t Horrible‘. They then released the dudless, five track EP Cold Summers in April. If you like chill, Sunday guitars while recovering from a big Saturday night, then Crepes will have you covered.

It’s not always easy for bands influenced by the likes of Dick Diver to clearly separate each song, yet Crepes are rather smooth when it comes to introducing a new instrument or textured sound, in order to colour each song differently, while never colouring outside the lines or using too much colour. Anyway enough about colouring, check out their picks for Trading Tunes.

Tour Dates:

5th November at Howler, Melbourne – Deaf Ambitions Label Launch.
w/ The Infants, Redspencer, Leisure Suite, Tourist Dollars + Zone Out

19th November at Thousand Pound Bend, Melbourne – Laneway Presents: MMW Live Music Safari
w/ Fractures, Totally Mild + Redspencer

1. Pipe-Eye – ‘All That’

“This song is off Pipe-Eye’s awesome mini LP Cosmic Blip. He did the artwork himself and has made video clips for all of the tracks. Hopefully they will be floating around the internet soon.”

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21 Oct CORIN – Upcoming shows in Sydney and Melbourne

Corin is one the more interesting and textural projects going around in Australia. It can be hard for artists in her field to get exposure, especially when it’s not a sound designed for radio play.

Based in Sydney, Corin recently released her label debut LP titled Waves Systems. She is celebrating by playing a free show in Sydney at Fredas and then a free show in Melbourne at Hugs & Kisses. There are also a hand full of excellent support acts such as Electronic Sea Spider, Ju Ca, Chunyin and Kimchi Princi. Visual provided by Rachael Archibald, Imogen Baker and Danielle Karlikoff.

Have a listen to the Waves Systems LP above and then check out her Trading Tunes feature.

Tour dates:
Thursday 29th October – Fredas in Sydney [free entry]
Support: Electric Sea Spider, Chunyin, Ju Ca and Kimchi Princi.
Visuals: Rachael Archibald, Imogen Baker and Danielle Karlikoff.

Thursday 19th November – Hugs & Kisses in Melbourne [free entry]
Support: Electric Sea Spider, Ju Ca and more TBC.

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09 Oct Trading Tunes with Water Bear

If you don’t know who Water Bear are, don’t worry, neither did I until my fellow writer Blake Creighton wrote a Introducing piece on them back in May. Combining the power chords of Pond with the dreamy vocals of Mac DeMarco or Wild Nothing, there’s plenty to instantly like about Water Bear.

The Melbourne band released an EP a few months back titled Quackadilly Blip. It’s not a perfectly polished product, but I know raw talent when I hear it. There’s a chemistry between the band members, that shines through on all five tracks. I believe that Water Bear are worth supporting and keeping an eye on.

You can catch them tonight at The Workers Club in Geelong. If you’re not near Geelong, you can just check out their Trading Tunes instead.

1. Tower Of Power – ‘Squib Cakes’

“It’s groovy, It’s just so groovy”

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07 Oct Trading Tunes with Terrible Truths

The first time I saw Terrible Truths live was at Copacabana on Smith St in Melbourne (an unusual venue for this kind of music). I was standing by the side of the stage and the first thing that I noticed was the drummer Joe Alexander playing without any shoes on. This kind of sums up the care-free nature of Terrible Truths. The band are like watching fireworks in a closed jar, unpredictable, yet tightly contained, somewhat like the late band Ponytail.

Terrible Truths recently returned from a Europe tour with Totally Mild and their debut full length album is out October 9th via Bedroom Suck Records. Before you go out and catch them playing at Melbourne Music Week, check out their choices for Trading Tunes.

1. Totally Mild – ‘Move On’

“We just had the immense privilege of touring Europe with these total angels. Seeing them play every night was magic, and something we could never tire of. Pretty sure this killer tune is gonna be stuck in our heads FOREVER, but who’s complaining. Awesome band, amazing people, 10 out of 10, A+, love them.”

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06 Oct The Babe Rainbow – ‘Aloe Vera’

Earlier this year The Babe Rainbow‘s out of Byron Bay in Australia quietly released a well-rounded, four track, surf-psych self-titled debut EP (‘Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest‘ being my personal highlight). ‘Aloe Vera‘ is the first single taken from The Babe Rainbow’s debut LP, out early in 2016 via Flightless (Flightless work with other Australian psychedelic bands such as King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard and The Murlocs).

‘Aloe Vera’ has the fast, intricate guitar work you can find on the early work from Thee Oh Sees. The surf influences aren’t as noticeable as they were on their previous. However the band sound tighter than before, perhaps from touring. The lyrics and vocals are also less vague than before too. It’s a short track, which is common for the band, but it’s packed with enough positive signs to suggest that the band are still on their way up.

The band is currently on a tour of the US. You can still catch them in these cities.
October 7th – Boston at Sinclair.
October 8th & 9th – NYC at Irving Plaza.
October 10th – Washington D.C at 930 Club.
October 11th – Chapel Hill, NC at Cats Cradle.
October 12th – Nashville, TN at Exit/In.

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05 Oct Trading Tunes with NO ZU

After 30 additions of Trading Tunes, I’ve noticed that Australian artists really dig No Zu. Whether it’s Flamingo Jones and Broadway Sounds picking ‘Raw Vis Vision‘ for their Trading Tunes or GL picking ‘Take It All Back‘ by No Zu member Becky Sui Zhen, it’s clear that those infectious rhythms and colourful textures are hard to resist. It also helps when you have eight vibrant members.

Last week the band released a video for ‘Ui Yia Uia‘ and this week they have sent us their five choices for Trading Tunes. Have you ever wondered what tunes inspire No Zu’s vibrancy?

1. B.B. Seaton – ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’

“Shoulder shuffle, hip wiggle and smug expressions. This is simply irresistible and I heard it for the first time last night while driving underneath a full moon with news of water on Mars still ringing in my ears. In NO ZU, we like to look to the stars, but what about seeing the constellations among them?”

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03 Oct SMILE – ‘Boundless Plains To Share’

The Melbourne band Smile are set to release their second album in February next year and ‘Boundless Plains To Share‘ is the first single. This album is the follow up to their A1 Blvd / B1 Ruby 7″ last year and their debut LP in 2013 titled Life Choices. For those unfamiliar with Smile, the band contains Joshua Delaney of Rat & Co, however Smile is more of a lo-fi, garage rock band compared to the electronic proceedings of Rat & Co.

Where as Rat & Co is a fairly calculated project, Smile have a sense of freedom and tend to sprawl during the progressions of their songs. Even the name of ‘Boundless Plain To Share’ suggests this notion. It’s not that big of a stretch to compare the long distant vocals to those of Kevin Parker on Tame Impala‘s first EP. One could even compare the guitar work to a less serious DIIV or Viet Cong without the post-punk influence.

I see ‘Boundless Plain To Share’ as just a piece of the puzzle, because the track doesn’t try to make any statement, yet it doesn’t sound like the work of a band in limbo either. It’s a teaser and I want more.

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