29 Nov Ripe’s Australian Chart (29/11/15)

Welcome to our latest feature – Ripe’s Australian Chart, where we post an update every Sunday on our top tracks uploaded in the past month by Australian artists, ranked all the way to #1. You’ll find our chart below, and a weekly playlist on the Ripe SoundCloud.

For this week’s new entries, we start with Us The Band from Sydney who jump into spot #20 this week with ‘And I Will‘. If you enjoy frenetic, lo-fi garage rock, then check out Us The Band or other bands on the Rice Is Nice record label such as The Laurels, Richard In Your Mind or You Beauty.

Next we have Luna Ghost from Melbourne with their latest song ‘Eyes Of Sleep‘. If you dig dreamy, psych or bands such as Flyying Colours or Ride, then the washed out, wailing guitars of Luna Ghost will entice you.

Flamingo Jones takes us on a tropical trip with ‘Fred Bear‘ at #12. The project out of Melbourne is a cross between Animal Collective and El Guincho; or, as he self-describes it, “nature beat”. Perfect for summer or just playing with your dog.

We have more glitterwave from Abelard at #7 with ‘I’m OK For Now‘.  With a few elements of RnB and post-dubstep on the vocals, it’s another step forward in the progression for the Melbournian.

The biggest track to emerge this week was ‘Solstice‘ by Melbourne’s Knightlife, which lands at #2. It’s off a new four-track EP titled VII, which is being released via Cut Copy‘s label Cutter Records. ‘Solstice’ is brimming with cool colours and smooth vibes, and each layer that pops up will get another limb moving. It’s instantaneous, but also rewarding on repeat listens. After a four year wait since his last EP, welcome back Knightlife.


25. RÜFÜS – ‘Innerbloom’

Uploaded: November 20th | Last Week: #25

24. The Delicates – ‘Chimera’

Uploaded: November 5th | Last Week: #24

23. Zone Out – ‘So Bright’

Uploaded: November 19th | Last Week: #23

22. Plum – ‘Reveal’

Uploaded: November 14th | Last Week: #22

21. Deer – ‘All Alone Ft Martin King’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #21

20. Us The Band – ‘And I Will’

Uploaded: November 24th

19. Max Savage – ‘Baby Don’t Cry’

Uploaded: November 18th | Last Week: #17

18. Nutrition – ‘Advice Needed’

Uploaded: November 19th | Last Week: #15

17. NO ZU – ‘Hi Gloss’

Uploaded: November 5th | Last Week: #14

16. Marcus Whale – ‘If (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 10th | Last Week: #13

15. Luna Ghost – ‘Eyes Of Sleep’

Uploaded: November 24th

14. Charles Murdoch – ‘Privacy feat. Oscar Key Sung’

Uploaded: November 7th | Last Week: #12

13. Asdasfr Bawd – ‘Negative Energy’

Uploaded: November 4th | Last Week: #11

12. Flamingo Jones – ‘Fred Bear’

Uploaded: November 16th

11. The Dead Heir – ‘Hand’

Uploaded: November 4th | Last Week: #10

10. Lisa Salvo – ‘Give Me Your Love’

Uploaded: November 7th | Last Week: #9

9. Arthur Miles – ‘The Prince Feat. Babicka & HVCK’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #8

8. Lower Spectrum – ‘Proxima’

Uploaded: November 13th | Last Week: #7

7. Abelard – ‘I’m OK For Now’

Uploaded: November ’23rd

6. Sleep D – ‘Backstreets’

Uploaded: November 17th | Last Week: #6

5. Amateur Dance – ‘It’s Really Something’

Uploaded: November 6th | Last Week: #5

4. Movement – ‘Lace (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 11th | Last Week: #4

3. Phantastic Ferniture – ‘Gap Year’

Uploaded: November 12th | Last Week: #3

2. Knightlife – ‘Solstice’

Uploaded: November 27th

1. Good Morning – ‘Cab Deg’

Uploaded: November 6th | Last Week: #1

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26 Nov All the reasons you’ll need to head to Paradise 2015

You may have heard a lot of positive praise about Paradise Music Festival over the past two years. Or  you may not have heard about the festival at all, and that’s understandable – after all, there’re no international headline artists on the bill. However, when it comes to exciting new Australian talent, the Paradise Music Festival that’s held a couple of hours north of Melbourne at Lake Mountain is on the pulse, better than any other Australian festival in 2015.

Firstly, Roland Tings is playing. His self-titled album released earlier in the year is not only the Australian electronic album of the year but, from start to finish, it’s as strong as any electronic album released around the world. Then you have the Australian producer of the year in Andrei Eremin, who has mastered a large portion of the artists playing at Paradise, and also happens to release fantastic tunes himself.

If there’s a young guitar band that everyone is excited about, it’s Good Morning. They played nine shows at CMJ in New York recently; they’re hard working and people simply can’t get enough of them. When it comes to pushing music into new territories in Australia, Friendships are the first act that always comes to mind, and their AV show is extremely entrancing. Asdasfr Bawd may be the best producer under 21 in the country. Don’t bother trying to learn how to pronounce his name, and just follow his SoundCloud immediately.

If you can find a weak track in Totally Mild‘s latest album, send me an email and I’ll argue with you about it. The band are all class and you get the sense that their next album is going make them a recognised name overseas. There’s nothing amateur about Amateur Dance. He looks like he’s been raving since the early ’90s and while he was born after the rave culture started, his craft is polished well beyond his years.

Smile are back after their underrated 2013 debut album. Featuring Joshua DeLaney from Rat & Co (and Chet Faker‘s touring band), you know there’s a savvy head among them. Broadway Sounds bring another dimension to the line-up, with their influence of world sounds – although you don’t need to be under the influence of anything to feel like you are during a Broadway Sounds set. Nutrition has a SoundCloud account that’s been fire all year; if you like your deep house dark and mysterious, Nutrition may end up being your favourite set of the weekend.


Flyying Colours provide the shoegaze for the weekend, although they’re more garage and psych-rock influenced than the dreamy side of shoegaze. I never can get enough of tracks such as ‘Wavvygravy‘ and ‘Today‘. Dorsal Fins are the supergroup this weekend with members from Eagle And The Worm, The Bamboos and Saskwatch, and any project that has Ella Thompson fronting it has my tick of approval.

Speaking of highly-talented female lead singers, The Harpoons have their own in Bec Rigby. They also have Martin King from Oscar + Martin, and ballads that live up to the band’s potential. If there’s an act on this lineup that could blow up internationally, it’s The Harpoons. Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of Flying Lotus‘ jagged, electronic, RnB jazz, then you’ll dig Kirkis, who play commonly as a six-piece with members including Simon Mavin from Hiatus Kaiyote.

Finally, if you managed to stay awake until the end of the 2014 Meredith Music Festival, you may have seen thousands of humans who looked like zombies dancing for two hours to two DJs. Those DJ’s go by the name Misty Nights, and they managed to somehow increase their audience as the sun was rising, which is unheard of during a closing set of any Meredith.

In addition to the lineup, the main draw is the incredible location – without a doubt one of the most entrancing festival backdrops you’re likely to encounter in Australia. Dead white trees rise from the ground, a skeletal reminder of the bush fires than swept through the area a few years back. Rather than feeling eerie and lifeless, they imbue the place with a very unique beauty.

It’s not only the natural surrounds that are notable, as the indoor facilities offer a few amenities missing at other events. Indoor toilets and showers are welcome, as is the canteen area, but it’s the music that benefits the most. Artists collaborate for occasional jams on the deck, and towards midnight everyone begins to congregate around Paradise’s indoor performance space, Clubland. Some will call it a night and duck off to their campsites when the main stage closes, but others will head indoors to soak up sets until 6am. Even if you just want to duck back to your campsite for a bit of a reprieve, it’s never too far to walk – the same holds true if exhaustion is replaced by a wave of FOMO at 4:30am.

Wherever you end up, there are few better places to watch the sun rise and set than Paradise.


Words by Marcus Rimondini and Brandon John / Photos by Brandon John



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26 Nov Trading Tunes with Nutrition

Nutrition is a solo project originally from Byron Bay in Australia, but now residing in Melbourne. Earlier this year, he released an impressive three-track EP containing dark, slickly-cut, and meticulously-placed house layers. Instead of using four to the floor momentum to engage the listener, Nutrition instead employs detailed builds to entrance, making his music perfect both for the dance floor and your headphones.

Last week Dummy premiered his latest track ‘Advice Needed‘, which went on to feature in our first Ripe Australian Chart. It’s still early days for Nutrition, but he’s without a doubt a local producer to follow in 2016. While we wait for more new tracks, you can catch him playing at Paradise Music Festival this weekend, and check out below what he’s been listening to lately below.

Daniel Avery – ‘Naive Response’

“I feel like this song pretty much got me into techno music.”

Maribou State – ‘Scarlett Groove (Feat. Saint Saviour)’

“This is my manager Harry’s and my victory song when we are getting heaps emotional.”

Flume – ‘Tropical Sun’

“Summertime driving round in Byron, windows down, homemade lemonade, eating falafels.”

Post Malone – ‘White Iverson’

“I’m ballin, I’m ballin.”

Lapalux – ‘Sum Body ‘

“I play this song almost everyday, when I’m skating to get a tofu roll.”

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19 Nov Trading Tunes with Good Morning

Good Morning are a hazy, lo-fi garage rock band from Melbourne, who record as a two-piece in the studio and play live as a four-piece. The band consists of Stefan Blair, Liam Parsons, John Considine and James Macleod. It has been quite the debut year for the Good Morning, first releasing the seven-track EP Shawcross, then a two-single split with ‘A Vessel‘ and ‘Radiovoice‘, and then another two-single split with ‘On The Street‘ and ‘You‘.

After playing nine shows during CMJ Music Week in New York last month, they released their strongest song to date with ‘Cab Deg‘, which placed #1 in our first Ripe Australian Chart. The band are set to play Paradise Music Festival this weekend and are likely to break out this summer. Before then, check out their picks for Trading Tunes.

CREPES – ‘Size Of Your Town’

“Tim is such a good song writer, God damn. He’s like Neil Young getting a town hall kebab at four in the morning. In my mind that’s better than it sounds. They’ve been dropping excellent new songs here and there into their sets too, which coincidentally are getting better and better. So excited to hear what happens next.”


“Shameless promotion for our big dog Jesse Sattler. An Australian committing his daily life to tape in Washington D.C. It just sounds so wild. His drum kit is a box and a snare. His music goes from beautiful pop songs like this one to nine minute noise assaults, ’cause why the fuck not. Our band’s soul mate.”

TERRIBLE TRUTHS – ‘See Straight’

“I’d heard that ‘Lift Weights’ song around town for ages and never knew who it was and stumbled in on them playing it one night at The Tote, and have been in love ever since. They waste no time with fucking about, and are incredibly cohesive without ever being boring. Anyway, this album fucking slays, and they’re pretty much the best live band in Melbourne at the moment, if not planet Earth.”

JAALA – ‘Hard Hold’

“Actually, probably tie these guys with Terrible Truths for best live band on planet Earth. The drummer and bassist blow my fucking mind, and Cosi is such a commanding front person, holy shit. Makes me wanna go home and never try to make music again.”

THE DRONES – ‘Taman Shud’

“So insanely psyched for a new The Drones record, especially when the first song off it shoots them off in a whole new direction. Plus this bit of fucking wisdom from Gareth Liddiard is too good to be true:

“Why you think the whole world’s gotta be like you?
Fuck Western supremacy
I ain’t sitting around being Gallipolised
One man’s BBQ’s another’s hunger strike
Why’d I give a rat’s about your tribal tatts?
You came here in a boat you fucking cunt””

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15 Nov Ripe’s Australian Chart (22/11/15)

Welcome to our latest feature – Ripe’s Australian Chart, where we post an update every Sunday on our top tracks uploaded in the past month by Australian artists, ranked all the way to #1. You’ll find our chart below, and a weekly playlist on the Ripe SoundCloud.

We start at #25 this week with RÜFÜS (or RÜFÜS DU SOL if you’re not from Australia) and their latest single ‘Innerbloom‘, off their second album Bloom, set for release January 22nd. ‘Innerbloom’ is over nine minutes in length, making it their most ambitious song to date, and I hope Bloom features more ambitious tracks of this kind. Next we have The Delicates from the Gold Coast with ‘Chimera’, a track you’ll enjoy if you’re into the dreamy, crisp guitar work of bands such as Widowspeak or Fear Of Men. At #23 we have Zone Out from Melbourne, who are a duo made up of Ashley Bundang (Totally Mild, Sui Zhen, Ciggie Witch) and Dove Bailey (Scotdrakula). ‘So Bright‘ sounds like Beach House covering an early The Pains of Being Pure at Heart song.

#22 is by Caleb Jacobs aka Plum out of Sydney. ‘Reveal’ is off Plum’s new EP, Black Doris. If the synth-driven work by Wild Nothing or TOPS keeps you warm inside at night, give this EP a listen. Deer have teamed up with Martin King (The Harpoons) for ‘All Alone‘. I’m not a huge fan of the EDM pre-drop, build up moments, but otherwise the chemistry between the two is definitely saucy.

Mic Mills’ remix of ‘Take Your Time’ by Oisima at #16 is still the most impactful remix of the past month, but this isn’t the last time in this list that Adelaide producers will be using each other. We head back to Sydney for #19 with Antonio Rosselli Del Turco aka Ribongia. ‘Journeys’ is taken from the forthcoming EP, Escapisms. The scattered, Caribbean house rhythm is full of detailed surprises and interplay between all its glitchy keyboards. Tiny Little Houses from Melbourne go all Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness on ‘You Tore Out My Heart’ at #18, which sounds exactly as its title suggests it would.

I’ve found my Australian version of Wooden Wand in Max Savage out of Adelaide. His new song ‘Baby Don’t Cry‘ features my favourite lyric of the week – “Everytime I write about you, I write about me”. We’re back in Melbourne for #16 garage band Diet, who blend the liberty of Eddy Current Suppression Ring with vocals similar to those of Morrissey from The Smiths. We stay in Melbourne (and on a similar health kick) for Nutrition, who used to be a duo, but the recent decision to turn into a solo project appears to have not affected the quality one bit. ‘Advice Needed‘ has serious house chops in the vein of Daniel Avery.

No Zu spice up the this list at #14 with ‘Hi Gloss’ off their new four-song EP of the same name. This eight-piece band (who are known to extend beyond eight members at times) may base themselves in Melbourne, but they take sounds from every continent to create music that’s frankly not from this current world. Marcus Whale of Collarbones is having a go at the solo thing ahead of his set at Paradise Music Festival. His first single, ‘If’, is apparently only a demo, but still gets a #13 rank on our list. It’s more internal than his work with Collarbones, drawing comparisons to early How To Dress Well and Oscar Key Sung productions.

Speaking of O.K.S., he’s teamed up with producer Charles Murdoch for ‘Privacy feat. Oscar Key Sung’ at #12, a track set to feature on Charles’ debut album, Pointvia Future Classic on December 11. ‘Privacy‘ is far darker and thicker than any of Oscar’s previous work and it’s an interesting angle for him, really playing well into his despairing vocals. We remain in Melbourne for #11: ‘Negative Energy‘ by Asdasfr Bawd, a name I still can’t pronounce out loud. Luckily for him it doesn’t matter, because the future garage-influenced beats continue to impress all ears aware of this young producer, who is ready to break out once his EP, Underpass, is released on March 7, 2016.

I already really liked track #10, ‘Hand‘, leading up to this post, but I saw the band live at The Tote in Melbourne recently and now I can’t stop playing it. The Dead Heir remind me of a more psychedelic Magnetic Fields, and the track features on a recent EP, The Dead Heir Go Wild. We are still in Melbourne for ‘Give Me Your Love’ by Lisa Salvo, #9 on the list. This track actually first appeared on the internet as early as the start of 2014, but was recently re-uploaded on her SoundCloud account, and it’s still as effective and beautiful as the first time I heard it. Consider her as Melbourne’s younger version of Grouper.

At #8 we have a trio collaboration of emerging Adelaide producers Arthur Miles, Babicka and HVCK, who all release music through the label, Untzz Rec. I’ve been praising this label for a while now because they never let me down, and ‘The Prince’ is no exception. Every time I hear Arthur Miles before realising it’s him, I think I’m listening to one of the biggest names currently in electronic music. Lower Spectrum puts Perth on the map here at #7 with his latest track ‘Proxima’. It’s from the forthcoming EP, New Haze, and it takes the kind of gospel samples Moby used to use and thrusts them into the near future.

Back in Melbourne, Sleep D continue to validate why their label Butter Sessions are local legends. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, one spin of ‘Backstreets‘ will have you heading towards the Melbourne venue The Mercat – something I did a few nights ago to catch Sleep D’s set. Also in Melbourne, Amateur Dance just dropped a four-track EP titled It’s Really Something. The opening title track sprawls for 10 minutes as it swiftly pulses like the more recent work of The Field – very euphoric.

#4 is back up in Sydney with Movement, the band who took out the #1 position in our Top 100 Australian Songs of the Year 2014 list with ‘Like Lust’. ‘Lace‘ is only a demo, but it’s good to hear that the band haven’t lost any of that intoxicating, sexual atmosphere that’s so hard to resist. I had to double check that #3 wasn’t secretly Angel Olsen. Phantastic Ferniture may have a star in the making with the vocalist Julia Jacklin, and I’m not stretching here. The quality of ‘Gap Year‘ is what you expect from a band signed to Matador records.

It’s hard to find information on The Shards. All I know is that they’re from Melbourne and they’re lyrically on point with the smartphone generation, when they sing “You’ve got me sitting here, second guessing. I’m checking my phone, checking and checking, you’ve got me second guessing. If you’re alone”. The instrumentation in ‘Making Shape Out Of The Ground‘ is incredibly rewarding upon further spins, revealing clever minor touches, that one may miss on the first couple listens. It’s tricky to pin point who they sound like exactly, maybe Julian Lynch?

However, this week’s #1 has to be ‘Cab Deg’ by Good Morning. This young band from Melbourne impressed me at CMJ in New York last month – with ‘Cab Deg’ always closing their sets – and now that it’s online, I play it everyday. As soon as I hear that opening guitar, I get really excited for February 2016 when the Glory album is set to be released. Good luck getting the chorus out of your head anytime soon. It’s going to be a breakout summer for Good Morning.


25. RÜFÜS – ‘Innerbloom’

Uploaded: November 20th

24. The Delicates – ‘Chimera’

Uploaded: November 5th

23. Zone Out – ‘So Bright’

Uploaded: November 19th

22. Plum – ‘Reveal’

Uploaded: November 14th

21. Deer – ‘All Alone Ft Martin King’

Uploaded: November 17th

20. Oisima – ‘Take Your Time (Mic Mills Remix)’

Uploaded: October 22nd

19. Ribongia – ‘Journeys’

Uploaded: October 27th

18. Tiny Little Houses – ‘You Tore Out My Heart’

Uploaded: October 28th

17. Max Savage – ‘Baby Don’t Cry’

Uploaded: November 18th

16. Diet – ‘Your House’

Uploaded: October 22nd

15. Nutrition – ‘Advise Needed’

Uploaded: November 19th

14. NO ZU – ‘Hi Gloss’

Uploaded: November 5th

13. Marcus Whale – ‘If (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 10th

12. Charles Murdoch – ‘Privacy feat. Oscar Key Sung’

Uploaded: November 7th

11. Asdasfr Bawd – ‘Negative Energy’

Uploaded: November 4th

10. The Dead Heir – ‘Hand’

Uploaded: November 4th

9. Lisa Salvo – ‘Give Me Your Love’

Uploaded: November 7th

8. Arthur Miles – ‘The Prince Feat. Babicka & HVCK’

Uploaded: November 11th

7. Lower Spectrum – ‘Proxima’

Uploaded: November 13th

6. Sleep D – ‘Backstreets’

Uploaded: November 17th

5. Amateur Dance – ‘It’s Really Something’

Uploaded: November 6th

4. Movement – ‘Lace (Demo)’

Uploaded: November 11th

3. Phantastic Ferniture – ‘Gap Year’

Uploaded: November 12th

2. The Shards – ‘Making Shapes Out Of The Ground’

Uploaded: October 23rd

1. Good Morning – ‘Cab Deg’

Uploaded: November 6th

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12 Nov Premiere: Abelard – ‘I’m OK For Now’

Melbourne producer Abelard has sent us a premiere of his latest single, ‘I’m OK For Now‘. The artist behind ‘☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆ What’s the deal with airline food?‘ has been impressing this year with what he calls ‘glitterwave’ – a combination of chillwave, ’80s retro, and glo-fi.

‘I’m OK For Now’ even dips into RnB and neo-soul, with its slow hip sway and the sampling of reflective, relationship-focused lyrics. Meanwhile, the glitchy stutter-rhythm is reminisent of Tourist‘s old remix work under the name Little Loud.

Abelard is very meticulous when it comes weaving his lush layers together, rather than just piling them atop one another. The track also flows very organically, almost feeling as if it was a freeform performance recorded in one take.

The next step for this sound could either be bringing in a live vocalist who complements his soul-tinged sound,  or simply taking a few more chances, throwing in a few more twists and turns. Either way, Abelard is definitely more than okay for now.

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11 Nov Trading Tunes with Jahnne


Jahnne is Sam Maguire, who used to play under the name Flash Forest back when he appeared at our Nevermind Festival in late 2012. Early this year he returned under a new name and proceeded to drop one of the most earth-shattering deep house tracks of the year, ‘Life In Irrational Fear’.

While we wait for new music from one of Melbourne’s sharpest producers – which we expect to hear soon, based on his recent upload of a sampler track named ‘I Miss You Too‘ – have a browse through a few of his recent personal highlights.

Friendships – ‘Pedal To The Metal’

“This song is ridiculous. It’s hectically live and intense, but pieced together so meticulously that no rhythm is compromised – really brilliant and severely underplayed according to SoundCloud. Also, it’s massive live.”

Mighty Boys – ‘Hippy Shakes’

Mighty Boys are a rad 7/8-piece, punk/pub rock act, and ‘Hippy Shakes‘ always goes off live. It’s essentially about getting caught off-guard at a bush doof and losing yourself. Check the film clip on YouTube for sure.”

Mol One – ‘The Real (Prod. The Oil Baron)’

“The Oil Baron is stupid good and Mol One is talented as hell – a well under rated MC. My favourite Oil Baron work is yet to be released – he’s got some dusty, sampled-based house/garage stuff in the works – but this one with Mol One is a real good representation of both their works.”

Lazertits – ‘Gender Studies’

Lazertits are five ripper people I’m fortunate to be mates with, and so fortunate that they agreed to be the guinea pigs for a uni recording assignment. I recorded this with two guys at uni, then mixed it in my crappy bedroom. It doesn’t do them justice, but it’s all they have online at the moment and they need to be heard, so it’ll have to do – you should see them live; mad fun.”

ALTA – ‘Tell Me’

“I’m a massive Alta fan; real slick production, a killer live show, and beautiful people. This isn’t one of their newer tracks, but I regularly get it stuck in my head as it sits in my favourite place in music – melancholic, but optimistic and danceable.”

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05 Nov Good Morning – ‘Cab Deg’

Finally. I’ve been waiting to write up on ‘Cab Deg‘ since I heard Melbourne’s Good Morning closing out all their sets with it at CMJ in New York this past month. It’s the first single off their upcoming EP Glory (the follow-up to their 2014 debut EP Shawcross), due out in February.

When you’re watching about 10 bands play everyday at CMJ, it’s almost impossible to go home every night with the same song stuck in your head – but I did. There it was, the chorus of ‘Cab Deg’ looping over and over in my head, every  night. Not even ‘Hotline Bling‘ could compete.

While I was previously intrigued by Good Morning, Glory may just make me a legit fan. They have a smart team behind them in label Solitaire, and have enlisted the mastering abilities of the respected Simon Lam of I’lls. My only criticism is that the recording quality sounds more like early, lo-fi Real Estate, rather than the crisp, modern Real Estate. That transition is the next step for Good Morning; everything else is firmly in place.

Glory is out in February via Solitaire, as a digital download or black 12″.

Track list:
1. Overslept
2. Cab Deg
3. To Be Won
4. Give Me Something To Do
5. The Great Start
6. In The Way

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Friendships 4

22 Oct The top artists from CMJ’s ‘The Aussie BBQ’ in New York

CMJ in New York is a music week – similar to SXSW in Austin, Texas – where (mostly) independent artists from around the world come to play a series of shows throughout the week. It’s an opportunity to showcase themselves not only to fans, but also to websites, radio hosts, labels etc. It’s a great chance for Australian artists to get noticed internationally and this year 38 of them made the flight over.

The Aussie BBQ at CMJ is an annual tradition, where all the Australian artists play 25-minute sets across two stages from 2pm until almost 4am. While the sets are short and the stages are small, it’s a great way to taste-test a variety of Australian artists. At this exact event in 2012, I saw Flume play in the basement to about 20 people – you never know who is going to blow up next.


10. Slum Sociable

Slum Sociable
Photography by Jake Willis

The first thing you notice when you see Slum Sociable live is that they look like a traditional guitar band – which is surprising, because they sound like a laptop-heavy, midi-keyboard project, but in fact there are no laptops at all on stage. The band kind of ride that post-Chet Faker sound, but for the most part the songs are well written and they’re rather effective in their use of minimal instrumentation.

9. Methyl Ethel

Methyl Ethel
Photography by Jake Willis

The Perth band quickly stir up comparisons to Tame Impala‘s early work, with their psych-garage sound, but Methyl Ethel are less psych and are more about the lyrical content. The lead singer’s shy personality reminds me of Youth Lagoon and he has some serious high vocal pipes. While I’d like to hear more variety in their songwriting, the three-piece have great, intricate chemistry and memorable guitar lines.

8. The Babe Rainbow

The Babe Rainbow
Photography by Jake Willis

The Babe Rainbow don’t exactly bring much new to a sound that was mastered in the late ’60s and early ’70s, but I always find myself falling into a spiralling vortex of thought during their sets. That combination of space-psych with sunny beach vibes allows you relax into a comfortable trance. It all feels like a summer road trip, which at times turns danceable, and at other times slow and sexual. They don’t play with as many guitar effect pedals as you’d imagine.

7. Sui Zhen

Sui Zhen
Photography by Jake Willis

A member of No Zu, Sui Zhen kind of sounds like The Knife. Her songs aren’t completely fleshed out yet, but she has a vivid imagination, one that will write those songs in the future. Her Aussie BBQ set was more danceable than her set earlier in the week, and while I’d like to see her utilise the guitar player in the background more, I like the direction Sui Zhen is heading.

6. Client Liaison

Client Liaison
Photography by Jake Willis

Another band like The Babe Rainbows who are firmly lodged in another generation, yet when it comes to pound-for-pound stage presence, Client Liaison bring it every time. Even though the tiny CMJ stages are a far cry from the elaborate festivals stages they often frequent, hey don’t let it concern them. The songs have strong melodies and keyboard hooks aplenty, and the next step for Client Liaison would be to study Kevin Parker and learn how to transform an old sound into something new entirely.

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21 Oct Slum Sociable – ‘TQ’ EP

Slum Sociable have been making a stir with their unique brand of ‘lo-fo’ jazzy hip-hop, their debut EP TQ releasing today.

Opening track ‘All Night’ has been doing the rounds already – no surprise given its soulful vocal and oh-so-catchy faded synth riff that comes in towards the end. Tracks like ‘Apartment’ and ‘Luck So Far’ follow the same formula, letting the vocals croon out over a slower rhythm.

One of the more notable tracks ‘Paradigm’ exposes the trip-hop influences of Slum Sociable, an almost eerie worldliness that seems atypical for a couple of guys out of Mordialloc. The swirling piano and twisted drums shift the mood to a slightly more melancholy feel, showing slivers of Massive Attack‘s work.

The conglomeration of different sounds – from the obvious jazz, electronica and hip-hop, to the glimpses of trip-hop and acoustic – sounds like a potential recipe for disaster. However, Slum Sociable make it work without sounding scattered or indecisive.

Co-produced by Tom Iansek of Big Scary and #1 Dads fame, recently nominated for Best Male Artist at Best Victoria Music, all instruments and vocals are largely the work of the two artists Ed and Miller themselves. The EP itself is available to purchase on digital and vinyl format, right here.

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