22 Mar COVID-19 Effects On The Music Industry

Graphics by Carla Scotto

I’m going to post all the Anonymous Musicians podcasts from my new Hmmm Podcasts channel on Ripe. At least until Hmmm Podcasts catches on.

On this ‘COVID-19 Effects On The Music Industry’ episode of Anonymous Musicians: Host Fran, Sui Zhen (artist), Paris Martine (venue booker at The Curtin) and Bonnie Knight (sound technician) discuss the moment artists realised SXSW wasn’t happening and then having their gigs were cancelled here too. (18:10) The emergency meeting between all the venues. (31:43) What sound technicians are now doing to find any work they can. (47:53) How viable running a live-stream every night would be. (1:05:50) Reducing expectations moving forward.

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