07 Nov 8 Acts From Paradise Music Festival To Watch In ’17

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Tucked away in the little town of Marysville, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is home to one of Victoria’s best boutique festivals – Paradise.

Taking place from the 25th to the 27th of November, Paradise is an intimate three-day music, camping, and BYO festival. Alongside their four years of festival wisdom, organisers this year received a grant from Creative Victoria, which has enabled them to add new, exciting features – including a third stage for extra fun and activities.

Not only are we excited for the picturesque surroundings and welcoming good-time crowd, the stellar line-up alone is something to gush about. The festival has become the best in the country when it comes to featuring acts the year before they almost double their fanbase and market value. Our team has put their heads together to discuss 8 acts we believe are ready to take that next step in 2017.


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Harvey Sutherland

In certain circles Harvey Sutherland is already a recognisable name, which is interesting for a musician who hasn’t actually released a whole lot of music since emerging around 2012. Instead he’s been working his butt off playing overseas and perfecting his craft, a wise move in my opinion, especially when electronic music can often be too easy to release half-cooked. However it appears like 2017 is the year we will finally hear all the music Harvey has been slowly cooking and if it’s anything like ‘Bravado‘, he’s set to truly be a household name.


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A young breath of fresh air, Baro is leading the current resurgence of Australian hip-hop. Gradually building a following over the last couple of years, he has started to prick up the ears of major music channels within the local industry. This is largely thanks to a lyrical style that fluctuates between melodic verse and rapping, paired with production that thinks outside the traditional Aussie hip-hop box. His latest releases have seen a new level of diversification in his style and the genres he explores. This confidence to tread new grounds will certainly make for interesting listening.


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Terrible Truths

There’s a few people I wouldn’t bet against in the Australian scene and Joe Alexander who runs Bedroom Suck and drums in Terrible Truths, Free Time and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding (among many other guest appearances) is one of those people. Everything he’s been a part of in 2016 has been gold. If Terrible Truths’ recent live shows (including the new tracks) are anything to go by, Australia’s tightest band has somehow become even tighter. Definitely a band that will impress US critics and punters alike.



Sui Zhen

I think it’s safe to say that 99% of Australia under-appreciated Sui Zhen‘s record last year . It was probably because Sui made the album sound so easy to make, but that was the brilliance of Secretly Susan. Now Sui is back from a two-month inspirational trip to Japan with a fresh bag of ideas for the follow up album. Hopefully this time Australia appreciates what she brings to the table.



A sound so reflective, however not overly nostalgic. It doesn’t seem steeped in the past, rather leaning on little elements of Nico, Karen O & the plethora of bedroom producers of the 90’s. Dannika has transported all of this into a very current style, maintaining a unique lyrical presence that separates her from not only the remainder of this lineup but also the broader musical community. A perfect early afternoon booking, seemingly destined for sun-drenched times on the rock, 50 metres back with a couple of mates.


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Simona Castricum

Three albums into her solo music career, Simona Castricum has graced the Melbourne scene for years as a prolific and talented producer, DJ, vocalist and electronic percussionist. Her distinctive sound is a nod to the dark synth-pop of the 80’s and the techno club tunes of the 90’s. Infused with a smart pop aesthetic, she incorporates live electronic drumming into her sets for a unique live experience. After a successful year following the release of her latest LP Trigger Warning #40, featuring the dance floor ready single ‘No Allegiance,’ Simona will be sure to turn the Paradise stage into an emotionally fuelled outdoor rave.



Gabriella Cohen

Gabriella Cohen is like the next Courtney Barnett“, has been a repeated comment across the industry, but I disagree. Gabriella and her bandmate partner in crime Kate Dillion are more unpredictable, looser and unafraid to take risks. The last part being the X factor, the more confidence Gabriella Cohen gets from the positive feedback around her debut album, the more likely she is to take bolder risks in 2017 and that makes her fascinating to follow.




Planète is arguably the best kept musical secret in Melbourne. He completely went off the grid for a good chunk of 2016, but he’s back with ‘Nightcrawler‘ and a new found assurance of where he wants to go next. Dion is bedroom, music studio junky, who has an ear as good as anyone’s for effective, meticulously detailed arrangements. He’s a perfectionist who may be taking his sweet time, but if it all comes flowing out in 2017, we are in for a real treat.


We’ve also put together a playlist featuring 25 artists playing the festival, which you can find by following the links below to the music streaming service of your choice. See you all in Paradise.



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