29 Jun 2017 Half Time: Top 50 Australian Tracks

Photos by Sarah Chavdaroska

Every year Australian music is just getting better and bolder. Our artists are flying overseas more and more, and the live music experience and level of experimentation we have is hitting new peaks. With this year already off to a cracking start, we thought to break away from our usual Top 100 Australian Tracks and give you a look at what’s been happening in music so far.

We’ve collated a bunch of great tracks in alphabetical order to help you stay on top of what’s been released, and for ease of listening we’ve created the playlist on both Spotify and SoundCloud.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has sent us music this year, contacted us, shared, liked, commented or re-tweeted Ripe.

We couldn’t enjoy this level of music, or share it with you all, without these hard-working artists, publicists and music managers that spend their time sharing with us. After all, we are all here to support each other in just REALLY enjoying Australia’s music offerings. The rest of the year is looking bright and wonderful.


1. András – ‘Vinyl Only’

2. Angharad Drake – ‘Baby’

3. Baro – ‘Lay You Down // Sexy’

4. Blank Realm – ‘Jesus, Part Two’

5. Cable Ties – ‘The Producer’

6. Darcy Baylis – ‘At Sloterdijk Station / The Force Won’t Kill Me’’

7. Doona Waves – ‘Wategos’

8. Dianas – ‘Heart Of Me’

9. Exhibitionist – ‘Hands’

10. Ferla – ‘In The Night’

Marcus Rimondini

Managing Editor & Music Editor - Follow on Twitter